V-MODA Headphones Reviews

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V-MODA Headphones Reviews

About V-MODA

When you say “fashionable” and “headphones” in the same sentence there are very few headphones that come to your mind – most of them are the celebrity endorsed headphones that look great with the latest haute couture, but these are neither the greatest sounding nor the coolest kids in the neighbourhood. The coolest kid in the neighbourhood who also sounds extremely good and has the perfect match of great looks and futuristic edges, it has to be V-MODA. The company’s line of headphones since 2004.

As a young entrant to the world of headphones there was much to be done by V-MODA so as to not be swallowed by the rest of the old and established brands. It started this by offering customization options for its headphones, a beautiful fusion of metal, hard plastic and exceptional sound that was to become its universal selling proposition in the days to come.

V-MODA was from its inception a luxury focused brand. The pricing, the packaging, the promotion and the product itself are out and out extremely luxury oriented. Thus do not expect affordable prices with this one – they are made to stand out of the crowd and make you look good while standing out.


Val Kolton was born in the city of Chicago – the home of House music. His interest in music was thus invigorated from a very young age – with his learning of musical instruments and programming electronic music – especially House. His upbringing was full of music of these kind, as well as an appreciation and love for technology, especially audio technology.

He says that the idea for V-MODA was born after a summer’s trip to Ibiza with a bunch of electronic music concerts, great DJs and the vibe of the White Isle. He wanted to capture this experience in a device that would give people the same sort of crazy futuristic vibe. In Los Angeles, on his return from Ibiza he saw a woman dressed in the latest haute couture stepping out of her Rolls Royce. He saw that she was quite excellently dressed… except for the terrible white headphone wires that looked completely out of place over there.

He worked with his designer friend Joseph Bucknall to create V-MODA – a high end fashion headphone set that they sold for the first time at the Magic/PROJECT fashion show featuring colored headphone cables for the first time. With thinning revenues from that show, they started selling their headphones to fashion boutiques and eventually building it into the brand that it is today.

The Fashion Headphones

The V-MODA Crossfade LP-2 is one of the best examples of V-MODA’s fashion sensibilities seamlessly melding together with their fashion sensibilities to deliver an excellent pair of headphones. Featuring the customizable ear cup shields, heavy duty hinges, futuristic, edgy colours and design and dual-diaphragm drivers that separate the bass from leaking into the midrange and treble responses. The drivers themselves are made of high quality materials that drive natural sound directly into your ears. These are one of the best fashionable headphones money can buy.

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