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Monster Inspiration Review


Monster is the name behind the Beats series of headphones by Dr. Dre. They produce fantastic bass heavy ‘phones with great build quality and a striking visual style. However, not too long ago, Monster and Dr. Dre severed ties post which Monster has come into force as one of the ...

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Logitech UE 6000 Review


Logitech is not the first brand that comes to your head when we say that we are preparing a list of the best noise cancelling headphones. Maybe they do get a fair mention in the list of the best over ear headphones, but noise cancelling or premium segment headphones? Not ...

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Beats Pro Lil Wayne Review


If there was ever an award for “most polarizing headphone series ever”, the Beats line of headphones from Monster would get it. The lovers of the Beats line swear by it, while detractors say that everyone and their grand uncles have ‘the beats’ and talk about all the other headphones ...

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Powerbeats by Dr. Dre Review


The Beats by Dr. Dre are known far and wide as one of those chic and expensive headphones that are usually a hit or a miss when it comes to sound quality. Most audiophiles avoid them like the plague because much better sound quality is found in the headphones in ...

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Philips O’Neill Review


Philips, like Panasonic, is one of those consumer electronics companies that firmly believe in offering value for money with their products. While their range spans the cheapest pair of plastic cans to the high-end-but-not-luxury segment of the headphone pyramid, they are known for their budget offerings that outclass many of ...

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Diddybeats Review


The Beats line of headphones usually does not cater to the lowest common denominator of audio enthusiasts primarily because of their exclusive nature and the celebrity endorsements. However, their lower line of headphones ends up in the ears of these LCDs because of the somewhat dull and flat nature of ...

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