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Logitech Ultimate Ears 700 Review


Logitech has been the market spanner – with headphones in the dirt cheap segment as well as the premium luxury end of the segment. Its gaming headphones as well as over ear headphones are the talk of the day, but the company also wants to make the best in ear ...

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Klipsch Image X10i Review


For the audiophile crowd, in ear headphones are definitely not alluring. They are small, the drivers are pushy, you need to have a comfortable fit and the burn in time makes a massive difference so they aren’t good right outside the box. Yet when all of this is done right, ...

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Bowers & Wilkins P5 Review


The legendary Bowers & Wilkins name is one amongst the multitude of hi-fi names that still has a label of being one of the best in the world at the game. It has recently upgraded its line up to feature more affordable (relatively!) gear for a wider audience. But do ...

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V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Review


V-MODA is a company that creates iconic, fashionable headphones that just do not look like anything else in the market today. The catch? They make them sound well too. With metallic headbands and strange diamond-shaped ear cups, the Crossfade series has become a premier industrial DJ audio headgear and has ...

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V-MODA Crossfade LP Review


Passionate audiophiles with an eye for fashion meet their audio-destination at V-Moda. Coupling high-tech audio systems with eye-catching design, V-Moda blends the best of both worlds for music enthusiasts. The V-Moda Crossfade LP headphones comes in a pantheon of high-edge colour schemes. The metal trimmings on the headphones offer a ...

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Skullcandy Skullcrusher Review


Skullcandy offers a panoramic range of audio products that cater to different tastes and earbuds across the entire gamut of listening audiences.  Quality sound performances blended effortlessly with a fashionable build, the products aim to score big on all counts. Together with the power they pack in the music and ...

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Parrot Zik Review


Parrot is one of those weird companies that are known for a diverse number of things that are made with one common technology: Bluetooth. Their AR.Drone is one of the slickest RC helicopters/mini-UAVs around and has delighted kids and adults with a beautiful control system that most use on a ...

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Monster Turbine Pro Review


Monster has been at the receiving end of the polarizing notoriety that plagues the Beats line of headphones. While Monster has severed ties with Dr. Dre’s iconic (and overpriced) line of lifestyle headphones, the current consumer perception of the headphone brand still remains. This is quite unfair for otherwise extraordinarily ...

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Beats EKOCYCLE Studio Review


The Beats series endorsed by Dr. Dre is frequently derided in the audiophile community as being a ‘lifestyle’ brand without any serious firepower. It is indeed quite a bit of a lifestyle brand thanks to the humungous marketing campaign as well as iconic symbol that has been etched into the ...

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Audio-Technica ATH AD700 Review


Think of distinctive styling and strong build qualities, and you think of Audio-Technica products. It is best at what it does; gelling comfort and class when it comes to listening experiences. Aimed at providing elegant, sophisticated products for the audiophiles across the spectrum of age and personality, their products are ...

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