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Klipsch Image ONE Review


Klipsch’s headphones are not known to be in the list of best over ear headphones; yet here we are with one. To be fair, the well-known in-ear headphone maker is trying to diversify its portfolio of products and it is just arrived at a pretty good pair of closed back ...

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Beats EKOCYCLE Studio Review


The Beats series endorsed by Dr. Dre is frequently derided in the audiophile community as being a ‘lifestyle’ brand without any serious firepower. It is indeed quite a bit of a lifestyle brand thanks to the humungous marketing campaign as well as iconic symbol that has been etched into the ...

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Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7 Review


Audio-Technica is one of the premier manufacturers of headphones, especially some of the best over ear headphones available in the market. They do not have fancy packaging or outstanding design, but the quality delivered by their cans is unmistakably brilliant and has been the gold standard for quite a number ...

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Audio-Technica ATH AD700 Review


Think of distinctive styling and strong build qualities, and you think of Audio-Technica products. It is best at what it does; gelling comfort and class when it comes to listening experiences. Aimed at providing elegant, sophisticated products for the audiophiles across the spectrum of age and personality, their products are ...

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V-MODA Bass Freq Review


For those who have as much a passion for style as for their music, V-Moda is the name for them. Combining award winning design with high efficiency audio systems at affordable ranges, V-Moda ensures it has a product for every ear. Having seamlessly woven an ultimate music experience with high ...

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Shure SE110 Review


When you see someone with a Shure product, it stands out because of the very look that it possesses – it’s made for professional musicians and it shows. The construction is durable and looks like it could take a beating (at least more of a beating than anything in its ...

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Klipsch Mode M40 Review


Klipsch is generally renowned for its fantastic line of earphones – particularly for manufacturing some of the finest in ear monitors. But in the section for the best over ear headphones, particularly the section for the best noise cancelling headphones, the brand name of Klipsch never comes up. It is ...

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Beyerdynamic DT 770 Review


Beyerdynamic is one of those highly praised companies of yore that has been consistently in the headphones business. To be more specific, in the best over ear headphones business. They have always had the tendency to win over the hearts of audiophiles with their subtly sculpted headphones, durable construction and ...

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Street by 50 Review


It is a violation of intergalactic law if a celebrity endorsed pair of headphones is priced as much as they should conceivable is, even after adjusting for the celebrity endorsement cost. Thus we have the Beats series selling for ridiculous amounts of money. And it is the same with the ...

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Bose QuietComfort 15 Review

Bose QuietComfort 15

Bose is well known for its technologically advanced sound systems that cost a bombshell but do not have any competitors where the offering is concerned. They make aviation headsets for pilots of planes and helicopters, so you know for a fact that where the best noise cancelling headphones are concerned, ...

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