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PSB M4U 2 Review


PSB is synonymous with serious high definition technology in the world of music. Detail and dynamic expressions come together in each of their products to bring the listener a world of deep and intricate music, with each note and tone getting the attention they deserve. Keeping in line with its ...

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Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Review


Audio-Technica is a company renowned for its excellent design and fundamentals when manufacturing studio monitors. They do not add on any frills with their products, and one would seldom find in-line controls, mic and other things in their cords. What they do well is make one of the best over ...

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Beats Studio Review


Ah Beats. The poster child for the divide in the audiophile community (although it is safe to assume that a good chunk of people dislike Beats mostly because of the sculpted sound signature, but more on that later). While the headphones by Beats are certainly touching the class of the ...

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Sony MDR-NC60 Review


The biggest brand export from Japan, Sony, is one of the most identifiable and iconic consumer electronics businesses in the world. They have made practically everything in every corner of the world. In the entertainment business, they provide a lot of devices, including some of the world’s best noise cancelling ...

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Sony MDR-7506 Review


Across all ranges of audio products, from speakers to headphones, Sony delivers only the best for its customers. Clever crafting and minute attention to detail produces some of the finest products available in the market. With soundstages that are distinctly 3D to smart designs with a lookout for edge, Sony ...

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Review


Audio-Technica has been at the forefront of the middle-ground headphone makers. However, their beloved ATH-M50 model has received an upgrade that pegs it squarely into the best over ear headphones market under $200. While the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x will not receive the award for being one of the best noise cancelling ...

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Review

Audio-Technica ATH-M50

Audio-Technica is one of the most recognizable (at least for audiophiles) brands of over ear headphones in the high-end world. Sure, they do not have over-the-top design and packaging, but these headphones are made for those who like listening to their music without showing off to the world. After all, ...

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V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Review


V-MODA is a company that creates iconic, fashionable headphones that just do not look like anything else in the market today. The catch? They make them sound well too. With metallic headbands and strange diamond-shaped ear cups, the Crossfade series has become a premier industrial DJ audio headgear and has ...

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Beats EKOCYCLE Studio Review


The Beats series endorsed by Dr. Dre is frequently derided in the audiophile community as being a ‘lifestyle’ brand without any serious firepower. It is indeed quite a bit of a lifestyle brand thanks to the humungous marketing campaign as well as iconic symbol that has been etched into the ...

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Klipsch Mode M40 Review


Klipsch is generally renowned for its fantastic line of earphones – particularly for manufacturing some of the finest in ear monitors. But in the section for the best over ear headphones, particularly the section for the best noise cancelling headphones, the brand name of Klipsch never comes up. It is ...

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