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V-MODA Crossfade LP2 Review


V-MODA started off as a brand that wanted to marry fashionable design with formidable build quality and audiophile grade music. Val Kolton – the V in V-MODA – was sketching designs in LA when he found that the worst part of a lady dressed in the latest haute couture passing ...

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Sony MDR-7506 Review


Across all ranges of audio products, from speakers to headphones, Sony delivers only the best for its customers. Clever crafting and minute attention to detail produces some of the finest products available in the market. With soundstages that are distinctly 3D to smart designs with a lookout for edge, Sony ...

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V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Review


V-MODA is a company that creates iconic, fashionable headphones that just do not look like anything else in the market today. The catch? They make them sound well too. With metallic headbands and strange diamond-shaped ear cups, the Crossfade series has become a premier industrial DJ audio headgear and has ...

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Skullcandy Skullcrusher Review


Skullcandy offers a panoramic range of audio products that cater to different tastes and earbuds across the entire gamut of listening audiences.  Quality sound performances blended effortlessly with a fashionable build, the products aim to score big on all counts. Together with the power they pack in the music and ...

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Shure SE110 Review


When you see someone with a Shure product, it stands out because of the very look that it possesses – it’s made for professional musicians and it shows. The construction is durable and looks like it could take a beating (at least more of a beating than anything in its ...

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AKG Acoustics K550 Review


One of the oldest names in the microphone and headphone industry is AKG Acoustics. Started off in 1947 in Vienna, Austria, where it still operates today, AKG was eventually acquired by an American company Harman International Industries. AKG is the world’s first manufacturer of Cardioid microphones and are also partnered ...

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Shure SE315-K Review


The Shure name has been around for upwards of 15 years and their customers have enjoyed the efforts of this company with a number of the best in ear headphones available in the market. This company makes the finest of the lot and is the industry standard for performing musicians. ...

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Shure E2 Review


Shure is one of the premier makers of in ear gear – used by professional touring musicians across the world, and come with a rich legacy of technology, precision and audio engineering as prosumer headphones; a lot of their high end gear are considered to be the world’s best in ...

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Monster Inspiration Review


Monster is the name behind the Beats series of headphones by Dr. Dre. They produce fantastic bass heavy ‘phones with great build quality and a striking visual style. However, not too long ago, Monster and Dr. Dre severed ties post which Monster has come into force as one of the ...

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Beats Pro Lil Wayne Review


If there was ever an award for “most polarizing headphone series ever”, the Beats line of headphones from Monster would get it. The lovers of the Beats line swear by it, while detractors say that everyone and their grand uncles have ‘the beats’ and talk about all the other headphones ...

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