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Shure Headphones Reviews

About Shure

Shure is a company you can surely trust to deliver great sound (and be the butt of a million “sure/Shure” puns). Their repertoire of products include headphones and microphones (wired as well as wireless), as well as phonograph pick up cartridges, mixers, digital signal processing equipment, discussion systems (embedded within class rooms or lecture halls), and personal monitoring equipment.

Their rise to fame has much to do with the way they listen to consumers’ demands over and above a lot of other companies. Their phonograph cartridges evolved from DJ’s requirements for good crystal pickups that are great as general cartridges but also quite smooth for scratching and other turn-tablism use.

Their microphones are also exceptionally well known. Being an American company that produced great equipment since the Great Depression, heads of the State, celebrities and other figureheads used (and still use) iconic Shure products, giving them unprecedented indirect advertisement. The company also produced military-use microphones for the American army in the Second World War, and has continued to be closely associated with the military of the country. Interestingly a Shure 700A microphone was used to warn the garrison at Pearl Harbor before the infamous attack by the Japanese.

Shure is very well known amongst the In-Ear monitor crowd for its lightweight and performance oriented IEMs. All the hallmarks of Shure engineering is reflected in these headphones, making it ideal for many audiophiles.


Founded by Sidney N. Shure in 1925 as “The Shure Radio Company”, the company manufactured radio part kits. In the time before pre-made radio sets were available; this was one of the few companies that sold quality products for the discerning customer. In 1931, the company gravitated towards the production of high quality microphones, with the release of the Model 33N Two Button Carbon mic.

With the advent of the Second World War, the company was pressed into service for manufacturing microphones for military use. Consequently, their innovations bled into consumer products, with smaller and high-performance microphones being incorporated into their product line. Additionally, stringent quality testing to pass military standards was adopted across the company on all of its products.

By the mid-1940s, the company had also begun involving itself into developing phonograph cartridges – a product line that is still alive today with the resurgence of vinyl records. The rest, as they say, is history. The company produced a variety of products in its interesting history until today, with Unidyne microphones and headphones. Multiple awards and accolades were also bestowed on the company.

Shure Sound Engineering

The Shure E2 Sound Isolating earphones are one of the most celebrated products of this company. With exceptional audio quality for something that small, as well as ergonomic-fit ear sleeves, this tiny pair of IEMs transforms any place into the live studio without looking like you put on the tackiest pair of helmets from the future. The earphones weigh just about an ounce and melt away in your ear (not literally!) and let you enjoy the sound as it was intended. The experience comes at a hefty price, no doubt, but it is worth it if you are a discerning customer!

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