If you are interested in headphones, in pursuit of great music devices and looking for some excellent resources, Head Yo has put together a list of awesome resources. These are a compilation of blogs, forums, infographics and many other things which are awesome. So keep reading and enjoy!

Shure’s Blog

Noise Cancellation Vs Noise Isolation: If you want to listen to the difference between noise cancellation and noise isolation, kindly visit the Shure’s blog. These folks have embedded audio files which play a piece of music in different environments like airplane and streets. Yo can listen the output coming out of NC and NI headphones.

Cool Material

History of Headphones: Cool Material provides a great insight on the history of headphones where you can find the image of first headphones launched in 1881 :). Can you believe that!!


Sound Glossary: Head-Fi is a renowned forum for audiophiles and music enthusiasts. Members have contributed to a list of sound glossary which consists of many audio related definitions and terms. It is a very serious and awesome effort. Check it out here.