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Astro Headphones Reviews

About Astro

For more than 20 years, Astro Studios in San Francisco, California has been creating world-class products for pop culture, sports and lifestyle. Astro Gaming, which is the side of Astro Studios dedicated to create professional gaming accessories – including premium headsets and headphones – was founded in 2006.

Astro Studios was founded by Brett Lovelady in 1994, and was later joined managed by Kyle Swen and Jim Goodell, managing it alongside with him.

History of Astro Gaming  

Brett Lovelady, along with Jordon Reiss, felt the need to expand into the emerging market of gaming accessories in 2006, and spun this section of the company into a separate division. Their main product, Astro Headphones, boasts many years of research and experience into making of one of the most premium brands of headphones available in the market for professional gaming.

Astro Gaming ‘lives in the epicenter of technology, lifestyle and design’ – in their own language, and they take pride in being an integral part of the budding gaming needs of people. They are a completely separate entity from Astro Studios, and is managed by private funding.

Astro Gaming Headphones

Astro Headphones feature Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound and operate at a higher frequency than most other wireless devices. They provide better clarity and range with lesser interference.

Astro Headphones these days are not only limited to gamers at home, but a favorite of many professional gamers and game lovers. Costing as much as $300 a piece or more, these headphones are the epic of clear sound, clarity and noise-cancelling technology. Astro headphones also feature good surround sound, a trouble-free microphone and comfortable fit around the ear.

Almost all the headphones from Astro are over-the-ear designs that cover the whole ear, cancelling out any possibility of outside noise to interfere with the games. The microphones are easily removable as well as swappable if they feel like a hindrance, or need to be exchanged between ears.

The speaker tags are customizable and can be personalized for your particular taste. The headphones may be designed for professional gamers, but also suitable to be used at home by the average game lover. They are surprisingly lightweight, fashionable and feature premium materials with a relaxed finish. They can also be used for music and other purposes as well as for gaming.

Many of the headphones come with an optical cable that needs to be connected to the base audio; some of the models also come with a stand and a mix app inside the packet. The stand is needed when the headphone needs to be charged after and between use. Also, some of the headphones come with as many as 3 different EQ modes for movies, shooter gaming and hardcore gaming to be interchanged between at any moment.

In the search for highly-effective headphones for intense or basic gaming, the Astro headphones are the perfect choice – to the amateur as well as the professional gamers.

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