Thanks for paying your attention on about page. My name is Josh and I love listening music, do a regular job and run and manage www.headyo.com during my free and personal time.

I got my first iPod couple of years back on my birthday and since then I was hooked to it. Once I was at a local store to buy a case for my iPod, I tried a Bose’s noise cancelling headphones and man, I was blown away. It was a whole new world to me. I came home, went online and saw tons of options available. People with their opinions, pros, cons etc but no body was giving a comparative analysis.

At that point of time, with the information I gathered, I narrowed down to Sennheiser CX-270. Those were a great piece of headphones and worked for me for couple of months :). I was up for buying new headphones again in coming days.

Again, I started doing research and trying new headphones by visiting stores or borrowing it from friend. This time I decided to note down all the information before buying a really good pair of noise cancelling headphones, which, in future, turned out to be ultimate noise cancelling headphones comparison guide.

I personally do not have all the headphones I have reviewed but I own 3 amazing babies right now, Bose QC 15, Klipsch Image X10i and the latest and super awesome Audio-Technica ATH-M50.

I tried to provide the information in an easily understandable manner so that the whole headphones selection process becomes easy for you and the headphones in itself should be value for money.

I will be doing more research and keep updating this website with more and more in-depth reviews and comparison.

I wish & hope that you will find a pair of best noise cancelling headphones for yourself at Head Yo.

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